• Iskratel to offer Veeting Rooms WebRTC service as white-label offering reflecting growing industry trend.
  • The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) acts on behalf of telecommunications companies in the Pacific region of the globe. Its members from more than 40 participating countries promote the development of telecom services such as mobile and Web-based real time communications (WebRTC).
  • Double Robotics recently unveiled the latest model of its telepresence robot, the Double2. Its new features will allow the unit to maintain better balance while moving over cords and other obstacles on the ground.
  • Quickblox has released the next generation of its Video Chat SDK. Now, webmasters can embed video chat that supports group calling into their websites.
  • CafeX Communications has something of a new product in its works known as KickStart, and it's a product that may shake up a lot of customer engagement as we know it. Being compared to its namesake, it's been called a tool that gives creative people the ability to add communications t…