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Avi Networks Demonstrates Next-Gen Application Delivery Controller

May 26, 2015

Avi Networks, a provider of cloud application delivery solutions, unveiled its next-gen application delivery controller (ADC) for OpenStack environments at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver last week. The demonstrations focused on the advantages afforded by integrating the company’s Cloud Application Delivery Platform (CADP) with large-scale OpenStack deployments. The CADP consists of a control plane, data plane, analytics engine, service module and numerous other components.

OpenStack users can enjoy a range of benefits brought by Avi Networks’ CADP, such as much easier and faster integration through a fully automated process for provisioning new network services. A single-step task is much simpler compared to the complex provisioning and configuration requirements that are characteristic of traditional ADCs. This ease-of-use is compounded by an optimized user experience that includes built-in analytics and application performance visibility to facilitate reaching of guaranteed service levels.

Deep integration with fundamental OpenStack components — such as Nova and Neutron — enables automatic elastic scaling of network services that are scheduled or event-triggered. Because OpenStack-based cloud and mobile environments typically have unpredictable end-user demands, the ability to automatically scale resources is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. Furthermore, the CADP provides SLA-based application delivery for tenants with full data path isolation, ensuring secure and high-performance computing of business-critical applications in multi-tenant data centers and cloud environments.

“We are honored to be at the OpenStack Summit since OpenStack users are becoming one of the most strategic customer segments for our company,” said Dhritiman Dasgupta, VP of Marketing at Avi Networks. “Today, customers have to chose between open-source solutions that lack enterprise-grade ADC features or go with a legacy ADC approach that follows a device-centric management paradigm – that simply doesn’t work within OpenStack’s cloud-based model. Avi brings the best of both worlds.”

Avi Networks’ approach of leveraging existing infrastructure and integrating new technologies is ideal for a wide range of businesses that sorely need the benefits of these solutions without having to overhaul their entire network. As a new member of the Mirantis Unlocked Program, which helps infrastructure and solution providers deliver technology in the OpenStack ecosystem, Avi Networks leverages SDN, monitoring and application delivery features to solve many of the problems that face businesses operating in OpenStack.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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