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TurboBridge Now Offers WebRTC-based Audio Conferencing

June 10, 2015

TurboBridge is known for its audio conferencing service that operates entirely from the cloud. Now its users will receive yet another update to their services with the option of connecting to that cloud through their browsers by way of WebRTC.

Anyone with Chrome, Firefox, or Opera now has the capability of making that often-used piece of software their main connection to audio conferences. For TurboBridge, this will mean that the 100 million conferences it oversees every month could begin to migrate to the arena of the browser. This range of function will add to the already-extensive list of TurboBridge capabilities such as support for PSTN and SIP networks as well as toll-free access to conferences in more than 60 countries.

Roman Shpount, the chief technology officer at TurboBridge, spoke in the company announcement about the implicit promise that WebRTC has made to the world and how that idea can help his customers for the better.

“The promise of the WebRTC standard is to turn every web browser into an audio and video endpoint,” Shpount said. “Today, we take a small step toward achieving this vision by enabling TurboBridge users to simply click on a hyperlink to access their conferences from a desktop computer or smartphone.”

There is no standard way that users have to connect to audio conferences through this service. If they are on PSTN or SIP or are now connecting through WebRTC, the calls will come through to each conference participant as if they were on the same style network. The TurboBridge cloud does the heavy lifting by transcoding each signal so they are all compatible with one another.

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The use of hyperlinks as conference beginnings could represent an ease of use that may not have been available to enterprises. Now when the HR department, for instance, has scheduled a conference for a dozen other office employees across IT, sales, marketing, and management, there is one easy way to make sure everyone gets together in the same place. A single email sent to all participants can include a link to the WebRTC connection that they can access from anywhere and on any device.

From desktop, mobile, or even in the conferencing room itself, conferences can take place in a way that fits everyone's schedule because they can participate from any place with an Internet connection.

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