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Share Live Streams on TV with Comcast's Xfinity App

July 06, 2015

It seems that between smartphones and tablets, people cannot get enough live streaming content. This has not gone unnoticed by U.S. based multinational mass media company Comcast, which happens to be the largest cable company and home Internet service provider in the U.S.

It may have gone undetected, and in case you missed it, Comcast recently announced a new feature in the form of an iOS and Android app called Xfinity Share. Essentially, the app allows Comcast’s customers to send a live stream from their mobile devices to their X1 set-top box. In addition, customers can also send photos and videos.

According to Patti Loyack, who is vice president of communications for Comcast, “We’re giving our customers the power to share special moments in their lives as they happen.” The concept is that current Xfinity Triple Play customers can use Xfinity Share as a method of sharing memorable occasions, captured in photos and videos, with family and friends across the country.

Franklyn Athias, senior vice president of Comcast’s IP communications services, stated that Xfinity Share was built using WebRTC. He said, “We chose WebRTC because it is scalable, flexible and interoperable, allowing us to evolve Xfinity Share quickly and to serve users across the broadest possible range of devices and platforms.”

The feeling is that Comcast’s X1 and WebRTC are a natural fit combining the X1 set-top box with the most flexible, real-time communications tool, offering what is considered to be a unique and powerful experience. We have seen WebRTC mature and move past a lot of the original hype and evolve into a very useful tool. WebRTC allows Comcast to engineer a powerful experience for what most feel is the home’s most social screen, that large-screen TV.

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The introduction of Xfinity Share will let Comcast’s X1 subscribers record and push video streams from their mobile device to a TV in real-time. The Xfinity Share application will also allow users to do the same with photos and videos from the camera roll. In addition, you can share all of these with other Comcast customers, assuming both the sender and receiver have a DVR-ready X1 set-top box and are subscribed to the Xfinity Triple Play package.

As my eyes continue to age, along with the rest of me, I see no joy in trying to watch something on a four inch smartphone screen. Having the option to send video streams and photos to a big screen TV offers not only better viewing pleasure for me, but it also affords me the ability to have a group of people watch along with me. Sort of reminds me of decades ago when my dad would show home movies.

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