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BitPhone Allows For Cheap Calls Paid For By Digital Currency

July 28, 2015

When it comes to the always on, WebRTC world, there are a couple of ways people are attempting to stay sane. One of the best ways people can accomplish this is taking great advantage of what being entirely online can mean to both the business world and  single users. BitPhone is one relatively new application that is looking to show just what WebRTC can provide its users. The application allows for its users to make both cheap and secure phone calls online using bitcoin as a pay-as-you-go system.

One of the best things that this system can do is allow people to use it whether or not they are registered, though the system does reward people who do register to use the BitPhone service. Those perks include the ability to have a custom caller ID as well as a persistent account balance. The service has a caller ID that reads out 602.551.8001 when it’s not changed by a registered user. There is also a message that is played that the number is owned by BitPhone.

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If users haven’t actually registered for an account, they won’t be able to see their account balance until after you are done using the service. The icing on the cake is that registered users will be able to get a 10-15 percent discount on calling rates. When people want to make a call using this online service, they simply enter the phone number and a calling rate table pops up that shows milibits as well as the local currency.  The calling rate is billed in one minute increments. The service is still in beta but it is live and usable on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android and iOS. The service is also using shapeshit.io integration which means that users can also pay for their calls using altcoins. This kind of program seems to bring the best of the online world when talking about making calls and then paying for them without ever going offline.

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