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Frozen Mountain Adds Screen Sharing to IceLink

August 24, 2015

Frozen Mountain has announced that it has added screen sharing to its IceLink WebRTC stack.

“As our own natively written WebRTC stack, IceLink has always been fully customizable as to where media is captured from and where it is rendered to, even allowing you to write your own custom providers,” said Ted Venema, VP of business development for Frozen Mountain. “What we have now added is an 'out-of-the-box' video provider that captures screen images and sends them through standard IceLink WebRTC connections.”

IceLink lets developers add WebRTC functionality to their applications. While Chrome, Firefox and Opera support WebRTC natively, IceLink extends WebRTC to Internet Explorer as well as Android and iOS. It also supports Safari on the Mac as well as Microsoft’s .NET framework, Java and Xamarin.

The screen-sharing ability is ideal for conducting training sessions, as users can interact with each other on the same screen and actually experience an application rather than just reading or watching a video. Remote employees can collaborate on documents and other projects without having to travel to each other’s locations.

The next version of IceLink will support the ability to record sessions. This could allow users to make screencasts of a live conference for other people to watch later. It will also support h.264 video.

While users on desktop operating systems can share an entire screen, iOS and Android users can only share the Window of an application for security reasons.

WebRTC is becoming more important in an environment that includes mobile devices as well as traditional PCs. WebRTC allows conferencing software developers to write one application that supports all of these different devices. With IceLink’s multi-platform support, developers can build conferencing applications that can work just as easily on a company desktop PC as they can on a BYOD tablet or smartphone.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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