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Ovum Names LiveOps in its Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Decision Matrix

October 09, 2015

The recently released Ovum Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Decision Matrix reviewed many of the solutions available in the market place, and it named LiveOps a market leader.

The migration from premises-based contact centers to cloud solutions is giving businesses more options to engage their customers across channels. As companies search for the right service provider with offerings suited for their organizations, the vetting process grows more complex due to the sheer number of vendors.

The Ovum report emphasizes LiveOps’ set of technologies that have been designed to deliver effective multichannel, social and mobile interactions for its clients around the world. This includes more than 400 organizations across public and private sectors in financial, health care, insurance, retail and high tech industries.

In its assessment of the company and eventual reason for naming LiveOps a market leader, Ovum highlighted the company’s commitment to improving the customer experience and the technological innovation it has been contributing to the segment.

One of these innovations is WebRTC, which is transforming the delivery of contact center services. The LiveOps Engage platform is a web based solution that seamlessly integrates across all channels with phone, email, live chat, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook on a single screen.

Center agents, whether they are at home, the contact center or elsewhere, can carry out their task without having to worry about IT, security and compatibility issues. Because WebRTC is device and software agnostic. As long as a browser is enabled with WebRTC, customers and agents can fully interact with voice, video and data.

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“We know that happy agents make for happy customers. Personal interactions and human connection inspire brand delight—that’s why we’ve continued to focus on new and innovative ways for brands to more effectively engage with their customers by streamlining the agent experience,” said Vasili Triant, CEO of LiveOps.

The benefits for the customer and agents is clear, but companies also experience positive returns. Platforms like Engage guarantee very low capex and opex because they get rid of costly servers, software, landlines and phones that are essential for running traditional, premises-based call centers.

As the company looks to the future, Ovum sees LiveOps standing out from its competition with broad capabilities, multichannel functionality, and clear-cut strategies. The firm believes that by continually offering a range of new functionality as well as a distinct leadership quality, LiveOps will create differentiated product lines that work together with best-of-breed vendors for integration with CRM, automated self-service telephony platforms and agent desktop clients.

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