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Voice4Net Discusses 'The Flexibility Factor'

November 02, 2015

Ease of customization and use are what Voice4Net’s contact center solutions are all about, as Rick McFarland, CEO and president of the company, told TMC CEO Rich Tehrani at the recent ITEXPO event.

“Our claim to fame is the flexibility factor,” McFarland commented during the on-camera interview last month in Anaheim.

Voice4Net, a 20-year-old provider of software for contact centers, comes into play when organizations require specialized ACD, IVR, and routing applications tied into back office data systems, McFarland explained. Most contact center solution providers have built their offerings a specific way, and the companies that use those solutions have to form their businesses to that model, he said. Voice4Net, meanwhile, has the flexibility to meet its customers’ individual requirements, he added. It offers the added benefit of ensuring that contact center solutions are easy to use from both the agent and end user standpoints, he added.

WebRTC helps allow for that ease of use, said McFarland. Voice4Net in the first quarter of this year announced its WebRTC Framework solution, which runs on top of its contact center solution so the agent desktop experience is available via the Chrome browser. And, as McFarland told me during an off-camera interview at ITEXPO Anaheim, in the first quarter of next year Voice4Net expects to introduce a workforce management module to the Framework to allow for contact center scheduling.

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The RTC Client that Voice4Net launched in October of last year is part of the Framework. The RTC Client allows organizations to use a simple drag-and-drop interface to design agent contact center screen interfaces and to integrate with legacy contact centers.

Voice4Net goes to market with its solutions via its network of channel partners. Providing resellers with an alternative to standard, off-the-shelf solutions helps them be successful, McFarland told Tehrani.

The solutions offered by Voice4Net, as McFarland commented last year, are agile enough to address various verticals, individual companies, and even specific organizational processes.

“The objective is to make the contact center agent’s job easier, ensuring better customer engagement,” he added. “Agents should be able to seamlessly utilize back-end systems, and access data and information about the customer without having to navigate multiple screens or launch complicated third-party applications and plug-ins.” 

Check out the full interview below: 

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