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TokBox Launches WebRTC Application Exclusively for Fox Sports

November 19, 2015

Tokbox has been making a name for itself in the real time communication market. The firm has been demonstrating all the different fields in which WebRTC can benefit a company, such as education. This week, the company announced the launch of an interactive broadcast solution that will be used exclusively by Fox Sports.

The company announced the launch of Spotlight, which is geared toward giving companies the ability to embed interactive, real time broadcast shows online, with that broadcast then able to reach thousands of members of the audience. The solution launched on Monday inside the Fox Sports Huddle platform, which is a weekly live college football chat show that appears on foxsports.com.

"Brands are moving beyond the concept of being content creators to becoming content enablers -- bringing their fans, followers and general audience into discussions. Whether that's enabling interaction with celebrities or providing feedback about their products, brands appreciate that the opinions of their audiences is the truly valuable content.” TokBox CEO Scott Lomond said in a recent release.

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The biggest feature of this particular platform is that neither broadcasters nor participants have to install a plugin, adjust their viewing medium, or even go to a third party website. Tokbox Spotlight is able to seamlessly integrate into whatever website someone might want. That flexibility allows people to use the application with the smallest amount of both development work and UI work. So once people really start understanding this particular solution, they’ll be able to gain complete and total behind-the-scenes control of the application. Those same producers that are able to put together TV-ready content with built-in recoding capabilities will now allow people to quickly and easily share live streams, including popular games, through various social media outlets. 

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