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Code Creator Unleashes Red5 Media for Easy Cloud Development

December 10, 2015

In the world of technology, there is never any time to waste. That is exactly why Code Creator has released Red5 Media for the cloud. Code Creator, based out of Hartford, Connecticut, is a partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. The Red5 product is an open source media streaming server that was created as an alternative to the Flash Communication Server. It is newly available as a turn-key development environment (CDE). With its arrival in the cloud, the platform stands to enable developers across the globe with powerful tools, a shared interface, and big features for rapid development.

The Red5 Cloud Development Environment is designed for developers. It empowers them to build applications and manage application code anywhere the web is available. Developers can interact with source directly or use Linux command for root access. The system allows for rapid configurations, rapid deployment, and the procurement of instant applications within minutes.  The platform also allows developers to monetize their cloud applications. A shared grid container is an option that is built in and it gives developers the ability to experiment. For more power, a dedicated private virtual server is available. Throughout the platform, flexibility and simplicity are a major part of the design, allowing for a variety of on-demand and live streaming scenarios and the rapid customization of these elements. 

Features include a centralized cloud-based workspace that makes development easy to share with others on a team. Developers can jump in, debug, build, and edit in collaboration with the developer that shares the workspace. Within the workspace, developers can communicate with one another and get work done easily.

Developing software is, by nature, rapid and non-static. Red5’s platform makes it easy to accommodate this characteristic by charging a flat fee and having no contracts. Programmers are able to quickly start editing code, debugging applications and using the automation tools that Red5 provides.  

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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